Orlando Faith Based Professional Coaching

Faith Based Professional Coach
Professional Coaching per Session
(Some sessions can include hypnotherapy as well)

Per Session Price: $125 (plus $5 tax) 

BONUS: Hands-On Practice with Coaching, Educational/Supportive follow-up & Progress Tracking
Resources.  (Some sessions may include mini-hypnotherapy as well)

($50 discount from the standard price of $175)
NOTE: Competitors charge between $190-$250+ per session

Professional Coaching – 4 Per Session Package:

Professional Coaching – 4 Session Package
Package Price: $400

BONUS: Some sessions may include mini-hypnotherapy as well

(This represents $100 discount from the standard of $125 per session)
NOTE: Competitors charge between $190-$250 or more per session

Public Speaking

Speaker fee: $150 per hour

Factor travel, Prep & Practice time, Correspondence & Planning Meetings/Calls, etc. (TBD based on what is needed for each event.) 
Individual prices below also apply to groups – discount limited time ONLY

Faith Based Professional Coach
Faith Based Professional Coach

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